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Year after extradition from India, UK court finds Aman Vyas guilty of 2009 rapes, murder

Extradited in 2019, Aman Vyas has been convicted for the 2009 rapes and murder of Michelle Samaraweera in Walthamstow. A UK court will pronounce his sentence in August.

Aman Vyas, who was extradited from India in 2019, has been found guilty on rape and murder charges dating back ten years by the Old Bailey in the UK. The Croydon Crown Court in South London will deliver Vyas’ sentence in August.

Vyas has been convicted for the rape of Michelle Samaraweera and three other women in London’s Walthamstow area between March 2009 and May 2009. A massive manhunt was launched in the wake of these crimes which took law enforcement ten years to solve. He has been convicted on five counts of rape, the murder of 35-year-old Michelle Samaraweera, and causing grievous bodily harm with intent among other charges.

Referring to the long wait families of victims had to endure, Detective Sergeant Shaleena Sheikh from the Metropolitan police said Aman Vyas did all he could to evade capture for his crimes. He fled abroad and then added to the distress of those he hurt by making them go through the ordeal of a trial. The extreme injuries he inflicted on his victims revealed the true nature of Vyas’ violent crimes and helped the jury see right through his lies, Detective Sergeant Sheikh added.

One of the most prominent difficulties with the investigation was the fact that Vyas’ DNA was new to the police database.

Detective Sergeant Shaleena Sheikh said, “Although we had DNA from the scenes of his crimes, Vyas was not on the DNA database and was a complete stranger to his victims; to bring him to justice required an extraordinary investigation. This case lasted more than 10 years, needed enquiries in many different countries and finally a lengthy extradition process,”

The hunt for Aman Vyas took investigators to New Zealand and Singapore before concluding in 2011 when Indian authorities apprehended him just as he was about to board a flight from New Delhi. Detective Sergeant Sheikh added, “The sheer scale of the investigation was also remarkable. There were extensive media appeals, and thousands of homes and businesses were contacted, in person or through leaflets.”

She also took the opportunity to thank those who helped the investigation. “Thousands of men volunteered to assist by voluntarily giving DNA. I would like to personally like to thank all those who helped, it was through those extensive efforts that Vyas was finally identified and brought to justice,” Detective Sergeant Shaleena Sheikh told reporters.

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