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Face saving exercise for his impending historical defeat


The Crook Trump is accusing his own Election Commissioners of Fraud. A lame excuse to save his historical defeat of his attempt for the second term success.

His mind and mouth are synchronized to utter repeatedly about fraud, fiddle, cheat, dishonest etc.. to instill in the voters mind  so that his passage to disrupting the election result would be clear or minimal obstacles.  There were cases of intimidations and threats at gunpoint to vote to certain contestants  in various parts of the world that are generally in the so called third-world countries or developing countries but never in the history of Western countries any leader came to power by fraud except perhaps by Donald Trump in 2016. Why is he obsessed with the idea of voter fraud unless he is the one doing it so that when he loses he opens the option to protest. He started this rhetoric even before he first entered the contest in 2016 and never stopped for one moment. He is now broadcasting about his own election commissioners of incompetence.  What has stopped him to employ his cronies in the Election Office. After all he employed arse lickers like Bill Barr as Attorney General, Brad Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Judge and what has stopped him to employ arse suckers like Rudy Giuliani or Jim Jordan or Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham in the Election Department to stop his imaginary Fraud from the Democrats.

Yesterday he sent his motorcade  to block Biden’s Bus to  push it off the road but brazenly claimed that his supporters were escorting Biden’s bus for safety. For all this he remains the President. The Americans should  hang their heads  in shame. A single vote in support of Trump should deem to be a crime.

He is now protesting to invalidate about 127000 votes cast during the last few days in Texas. Why is he assuming all those votes are against him? If he believes that they were against him doesn’t it send him a signal that he is not eligible to be the President?

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