News in the interests of the Global Tamils


Things are not going the way Trump expected.

Trump has unlimited resources  like Money, hacking and fascists idea frm Putin, Cunning tricks, disinformation, planting incrimination evidence and general shenanigan from Benjamin Netanyahu, Hoodwinking presentations from Rupert Murdoch, the composer of sadistic ideas and master of  inventing  cruel themes Stephen Miller and BS from Boris Johnson are all at Trump’s disposal.

He will do everything in his power to remain in the Whitehouse  until he quits on his own volition.  He doesn’t care even of the entire 3 million plus American die or the American economy collapse totally or even America’s credit rating  reached 0. As long as he gets his way nothing matters. The entire Republican Senators and the entire Republican house Representatives lose their respective seats would make not impacts on Trumps mindset.

There is nothing to stop him starting a war against Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad are waiting in the wing to activate the subterfuge at the snap of Trump’s fingers. My stern warning is an explosion in Capital Hill, Rose Garden or West Wing in the White house or even in any of the Trump Towers is imminent. And the incriminating evidence would be found in some of the Iranian dissidents living in US.

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