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Jokes of the Day

Hiccup cure.

A man went into a Pharmacy and asked if they could give him something  for hiccups. Without warnings the Pharmacist suddenly reached out over the counter and slapped the man hard across his face.

“Why did you do that for”  asked the man indignantly

“ You haven’t got the hiccup now, have you” said the Pharmacist.

“No,I never had the hiccup, but my wife has “


Heaven and Hell.

A man died and went up to heaven  where he we was treated by St Peter and “who are your?” asked St Peter

My name is “Donald Trump”

“And what did you do for living?” asked St Peter

“I was the President of the Powerful country in the World”

“President! Mmmmm…”mused St Peter “and have done anything good in your life?”

“As a matter of fact I have”

“And whatever that might be?” exclaimed St Peter

“I was walking along the Street and I saw a group of Black Democrats   threatening a young White girl wearing a red hat with MAGA written on it, so I went to her rescue pull the ring leader by her long hair  and kicked her hard and told her and her gang to leave the White Girl alone and to clear off from the street”

That is highly Commendable Trump” said St.Peter flicking through Trump’s file “but I can’t find any record of this incident Trump. When did it happen? ”

“About five minutes ago”


I have no idea

A girl invited her boy-friend to come to her parent’s home for dinner. She realized it was a daunting prospect but as an inducement , she said she wanted to go out after the dinner to lose her virginity. To prepare for this the boy who was also a virgin, went to a Pharmacy to buy a pack of condoms. The Pharmacist was extremely helpful and told him everything he should know about sex. Finally he asked the boy if he wanted a three-pack, six-pack or a family pack.

“ I think I’d take a family pack because I think I am going to be busy for the next few nights”

The boy showed on time for the dinner at the front door and greeted by his girlfriend who

showed him to the dining room where her parents were already seated at the dining table.

Sitting down the boy quickly offered to say grace and bowed his head.  After a long five minutes his head was still down. When after a while the boy’s head was still bowed, his girlfriend  leaned over and whispered,”I had no idea you  were so religious”

The boy whispered back “I had no idea your father was a Pharmacist”



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