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Trump is creating a crisis to ‘cling to power’

Only fools will fall for the tricks of the Rogue Trump.

This week, as the economy revealed that the U.S. GDP cratered, President Donald Trump teased putting a hold on the November election. While it is unclear if the president was attempting to distract from the economy in freefall or his falling poll numbers.

Historian and expert on authoritarian regimes, Professor Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, describing the key ways to spot authoritarianism.

“Do we have any reason to believe that Mr. Trump would accept the outcome of the election?” asked the Yale professor. “The tweet of July 30th was a very clear statement, but he has literally, dozens of times before said he wouldn’t. There is nothing in his career that indicates he actually likes democracy. In this particular tweet, we have a dangerous mixture, where he’s talking about a problem he created himself, insofar as we do have problems with voting in the U.S. They have to do with things like African-Americans not being enfranchised, they have to do with the things of foreign intervention. And even the problems he mentioned, which is postal voting, which is good and of itself, that might be slowed down because of his own postmaster general. So, he’s talking about problems he caused himself, then claiming they’re an emergency, and using that as a reason to claim power himself. That’s a manufactured emergency and that is, in fact, a prime historical fascist tactic.”

He went on to explain that a fascist is someone who will often manufacture a crisis, blame it on the other side, and then use the crisis to his own benefit. In Trump’s case, vote-by-mail has become the enemy as Republicans continue to defund the post office and Republicans in several states were caught in absentee-voter crimes.

Snyder said that Trump has already manufactured his crisis and is now trying to create the solution that would best protect him and his power.

“Another element of this, which is worth paying attention to, is the way the tweet ends,” he continued. “People can console themselves by saying Mr. Trump can’t himself cancel the election. That’s true, but what he is doing, as of July 30th, is calling upon others to create a mess, so that the election won’t go through smoothly. That’s what the three question marks at the end mean. He can’t do it himself.”

As of the time Trump sent that tweet, Snyder said that anyone who continues to support Trump knows they are doing so in defiance of democratic values of America.

“As of July 30th, if you support Mr. Trump, if you’re planning on voting for Mr. Trump, if you contribute to the campaign, if you’re a delegate, you know perfectly well, this is a man who doesn’t believe he can win by the normal vote count,” said Snyder. “You know you are taking part now in a campaign which is no longer a democratic campaign, but which is something else. You know that his main task for you now is not to win an election. He’s basically conceded defeat already. His main task for you now is to find someone who can mess up the election so we can cling to power. I think that’s a big moral question where a lot of Americans should be thinking about the choices they’re about to make.”


Sarah K. Burris

BUT what trump is likely to do  on this occasion is this:

Isn’t  it time to lock up Trump so that the Medical Professionals and Scientists can get on with their work to deal with Corvid-19?   One thousand plus death on a daily basis is not a joke. It should be curbed immediately. America can’t afford to lose that many citizens.  Either we allow continuing the death epidemic and Corona Pandemic or curb the activities of one idiotic man in the name of Donald Trump. The loss one American citizen is in this way would match more than one hundred Trumps who is such a useless creature. He contributed nothing to the country other than misery, mayhem and discord.  The reputation and respect earned by America for over 400 years have been mutilated by this one man for his own sake. The past four years have been spent on trying to legitimate his election victory. 65 million American citizens voted against him in 2016 yet he wriggled through to the Whitehouse.

There is no time to wait. Please lock him up  to give a chance to the doctors to address the Covid 19. A warning to the Republican Senators and Congressmen. Putin has given £25 billion to Trump to buy you all for the first term with  further promise of  another £25 billion, however, due to his inability to conduct his treacherous  activities against America  as expected the second batch of £25 billion has been refused by Putin therefore you are not going to get any more money. If you want to support  Trump any more you go ahead at your own peril.  You are almost certain to lose your seat and the money promised. It is guarantee that the Democrats will have both the house and the Senate therefore  your chance of getting back to politics will cease for ever unless you stop supporting Trump now. You will have nothing to lose if you turn against Trump  now. What he is doing now is cultivating reasons to cancel the November elction. He is working with Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad to create a diversion. Knowing Netanyahu, he will most certainly involve Iran. Strong possibility is a bomb in Capital Hill, Rose Garden or West Wing of the Whitehose or even TrumpTower to put the blame on Iran. There are many Iranian Dissidents in US; not difficult plant incriminating evidence on them to blame Iran for exploding the bombs in strategic places to enable Trump to start a War on Iran.   This is the most serious option Trump is likely to take at this crucial time.

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