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My house bombed, I am bleeding: Indian journalist in Lebanon after explosions rock Beirut

Journalist Anchal Vohra based out of Beirut took to Twitter to say that her house has been bombed and she is bleeding. An explosion is believed to have ripped through the port area of Lebanon’s capital city on Tuesday.

Journalist Anchal Vohra at her home in Beirut

Ablinding explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon’s capital city on Tuesday. Social media is flooded with videos of the massive explosion that shattered windows and brought down buildings in Beirut’s port area.

Anchal Vohra, an Indian journalist based in Beirut took to Twitter and announced that the explosion also affected her home. “Lebanon bombed. My House bombed. I am bleeding,” Vohra wrote in her tweet.

The cause of the explosion is still unclear. However, its widespread impact is for all to see. As per Associated Press, one explosion reached a nearby building, triggering a second explosion in the port area of Beirut.

Pictures of the view from her home in the aftermath of the explosions posted by journalist Anchal Vohra

According to news agency AFP, a total of two explosions were reported from Beirut and operations are underway to rescue locals trapped under the debris of structures that fell to the ground after being engulfed in the explosions.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab, after calling an “urgent defence council talk”, declared national mourning on August 5.

Pictures of her home posted by journalist Anchal Vohra

While some reports have indicated that the explosions were caused in an area where firecrackers were stored, the same is yet to be confirmed by local authorities.

“We are in touch with the Indian community in Beirut. No one at the Embassy is hurt. Lots of damage to buildings in Central Beirut,” India’s envoy to Lebanon Suhel Ajaz told India Today.


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