News in the interests of the Global Tamils

Trump’s  spastic brain and demented logic.

Trump’s  ten Commandments

  1. Count only the votes from the Republicans

  2. His conclusion that all mail-in votes support only the Democrats

  3. The only way he can lose the election is by fraud instigated and carried out by the Democrats

  4. I will always condone the action of White Supremacists. KKK, Proud Boy, Qanon

  5. IF there are no enemies then you go out of your ways to create some.

  6. Supreme Court Judges must always support the Republicans.

  7. There are no three branches with equal power to govern America.

  8. President has the supreme power over the Congress, Senate and the Judiciary

  9. Thou shall  prefer no elections

  10. Thou shall adapt  Dictatorship.

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