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One renewed ally  to the Thugs Club

These Thugs have one thing in Common. To remain in Power for life at any cost. Killing a million citizens for them  is like killing a fly.
One renewed ally  to the Thugs Club. Srilanka is rejoining the The Club of Thugs.

After Wednesday’s Election the Rajapakse Brothers of Srilanka have  reinforced their iron grip on the Srilankan  Politics.  The Current President  of Srilanka,  Gothabaya Rajapakse  was the  Minister of Defence  when his older brother Mahinda Rajapakse was the Srilankan President in 2009 when the  Tamil Tigers  were persuaded by the International Community to surrender and to  come out of their shelter waving White Flags. Their safety was  guaranteed by the International Community. But Gothabays had ordered  to ‘finish them off’ and they were gunned down at point blank range, murdered along with 107,000 Tamil Civilians.

Both Gothabaya and Mahinda Rajapkse have joined the Thugs Club to strengthen their hold in the World Politics.  The Club’s slogan is Dictatorship for life;no Democracy. The ultimate goal is One Government  that will own the wealth of the entire World.

Current Members

Donald Trump,  Vladimir Putin, Kim Un Jong, Rodrico Duterte, Benjamin Netanyahu,  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Gothabaya Rajapakse and Mahinda Rajapakse.

Basic qualification to join the club, you must have murdered at least 100,000 civilians, ideally your own citizens, Gag News media and remove Welfare altogether.

Waiting in the wings in vain to join the Club are the Current Republican Senators of USA, Rightwing Political Parties in UK and  Europe.

The problem for them is it is difficult to fly with only one Wing, one needs both  wings to fly , including the Left. Cutting the Left Wing will make the Bird with only a Right Wing a handicap.

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