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Putin’s last Advice to THE Quisling

This bunch includes two rapists, Brad Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas and the friends of Kavanaugh, Gosuch and Amy


Points of argument for fraudulent postal votes prescribed by Vladimir Putin to Donny Trumpf are:

  1. Joe Biden received less votes than Hilary Clinton in 2016 in every constituency that Hilary won.
  2. Only four constituencies that provide the 9 million extra votes to Biden than Hilary
  3. How is that possible?

My argument against:

  1. Joe Biden received more votes than Hilary in all constituencies
  2. The 9 million extra votes than Hilary is an accumulation from all constituencies.
  3. The four constituencies include votes from verifiable Republican voters  voting to Biden against Trump.
  4. Trump is counting on the likely voting in the Supreme Court that consists of 6 Republican and 3 Democrats. For this particular bunch of Justices, Justice has nothing to do with justice. IT consists of two proven but not convicted  Rapists in the form of  Brad Kavanaugh, who was recently appointed by Trump. And Clarence Thomas who was accused of  sexual; misconduct by Law professor Anita Hill. One more recent addition by Trump  just before 3rd November 2020  is Coney Bassett a self-confessed Trump supporter. These three unethical characters will vote to support whatever bizarre cases Trump manages to escalate to Court Hearing. One of the other three, Justice Gosuch is unlikely to disagree with either Kavanaugh or Thomas. Unless the other two  Republican Justices pluck up the courage to take the side of the Justice the Supreme Court decision would be declare the 2020 was illegal

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