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Fatherly Advice


In 1998,  the year before Trump divorced Marla and 93 year old Fred Trump passed away , Trump Sr. father of Donald  gave some valuable fatherly advice. Especially when he witnessed Donald breaking  down the door  of Marla’s bedroom in Trump Tower.

  1. Whatever misdemeanour you do, do it quietly, never get caught.
  2. If you don’t like someone don’t just hurt them; hurt them hard so that they never get up
  3. If you are stealing something, steal it without leaving trail , hide it and don’t hesitate even for one moment to accuse your enemy of stealing. Plant some evidence and publicise the theft properly and repeatedly.
  4. Subject Marla to all the above.
  5. Never regret
  6. Never apologise
  7. Never admit your faults

    Thank you father. I will always honour you advice

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