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‘A’ Level Marking Mess

Huge mess with the Government’s senseless marking policy about the results of ‘A’ level grades based on assessment, GCSE results and other dubious computer based criteria.

Now after initial ruling out appeals the Government is doing one of its usual ‘u ‘ turns by stating that appeals would be allowed based on the results of mock examinations!

Why in tarnation do these idiots with their sycophantic advisers abuse their power and use it to ruin our teenage children’s future?

How long will these appeals take?

With all their warts and everything else the. vast majority of teachers do know the educational standard of their pupils at school, quite often better  than others in their lives.

So, why have the powers that be, especially  big mouth Education Secretary Gavin Williamson ignored the teachers’ assessments in many cases and backed the downgrading?

People who care should support the teachers and the schools by doing everything possible to uphold their belief in their own school pupils.

I make no apology for explaining this sorry upheaval created by a Government which is losing its credibility in anything it deals with be it Covid 19 or education.

I have been calling for a National Coalition Government ever since the coronavirus scare began.

People are fast losing faith in Party Political Decisions which harm us all one way or another.

I am willing to debate these issues with anyone.

-Hurricane Black


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