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Najib Razak’s crime is negligible compared to Trump’s corruptions

Najib Razak, Malaysia’s Former Prime Minister, Found Guilty in Graft Trial

$50 Million Thief
$2 Trillion Thief


Mr. Najib Razak was sentenced to up to 12 years in prison and faces fines of nearly $50 million on charges of abuse of power, breach of trust and money laundering.

For 45 years, Najib Razak was a master of Malaysia’s cutthroat politics. The son and nephew of prime ministers, he was elected to Parliament at 22 and rose to the country’s highest office. As prime minister he was all but untouchable — critics called him the “Man of Steal” — even as $4.5 billion disappeared from a government investment fund he controlled. The episode has been claimed to have the  biggest swindling  by a Leader of a country.  This I don’t agree with.  I doubt anybody can beat the corruption of  USA’sDonald Trump’s Administration.  No one can charge him or arrest him or  imprison him at present  as all Government Departments are filled with his lackeys. Judiciary, Treasury etc. are  all under his control.  The forthcoming Election in November is not guaranteed to be  a legitimate one Lastime in 2016 the  vote counting was all hacked and patched to give a winning counts to Trump.  This time, with the experience behind it will be even easier to fiddle. Therefore It is more than likely he will be re-elected. If by any chance he loses and Democrats takes over the Whitehouse, the full magnitude of the corruption will be revealed and Najib Razak;s crime will look like a  crime of shoplifting of a daily newspaper.  It will be  not Millions nor Billions. It will certainly be Trillions.

Unless the Democrats  win the Presidency, Congress and the Senate outright  it would be difficult for the Democrats to get Trump’s corruption brought to justice.

If I am the Prosecutor  I will confiscate all his assets and put him behind bar for the rest of his life. Further  I will  investigate  the business activities of his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jarred  along with his wife and children.


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