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Amazon’s Shenanigan



Amazon’s  Shenanigan

It would be easier to make appointment with Shiva, Jesus, Allah or Budha than  Amazon.  They advertise you can chat with them.  Please be patient.  I telephoned to Amazon on 08002797234. I was told to see the message that  was sent to my mobile phone and hung up.  The message was:

From Amazon:

Unusual  sign-in attempt detected from CHE, GB.

View details:




What the hell do I do with this?

Their hubristic attitude to customers is contemptuous of the highest order. They open the CHAT but never give you a chance to tell them what the problems was. All preset   closed questions and and preset answers. You cant type anything. I ordered   One electric Hub for temporary cooking as my kitchen has been stripped for renovation. It was a £16 order. I ordered last night and I got an email from Amzon to tell me that my payment was declined. I telephoned the Credit Card Company who received no  request from Amazon nor declined any payments.  I checked the Amazon and noticed the billing address of the credit card was different. I changed it. And clicked the My Order and  I was asked to enter password I entered it and it was thrown back at me to say wrong password. I typed the password one at a time  with no avail. I discovered if I load Amazon through Google  I cant log in and all alarm set as if someone illegally  trying to log in but if I use Microsoft Edge it is ok most of the time.

All that I wanted was to ask them how the address of the billing address changed and what I could not  long in through Google.

Conclusion: Amazon, although they have some admirable qualities, they   do not have any ethical or moral sense. They have a tendency to stampede on the small customers whose complaints are generally scoffed at and it is practically impossible to contact Amazon’s customer service when needed.

I did make a complaint the CEO of Amzon in London  last night but not received even an acknowledgement. I plan to see my MP to bring the matter to the Parliament.  A warning to Jeff  Bezos, I am  not going to rest until you come down to Earth.



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