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Satanic Alliance ?

I  predicted  Trump’s shenanigan months ago that he would work with the hackers to repeat the 2016 Votes Counting Software  (VCS) or he would cancel future  elections altogether.  The stakeholders can make all sorts of noises and cites Constitutional protocols, Rules and Regulations without realizing that the brute has so far broke every Rule in the book since entering the Whitehouse. He has been committing treason on a daily basis with complete impunity.  CNN has been repeating the rhetoric that he has no authority to cancel or postpone the election. Okay, what are you going to do about it if he does just that?  Suppose, let us just suppose there will be an election and he loses then what? Brett Kavanaugh , Bill Barr and co WILL stand up like nose hairs after a sneeze and declare election was null and void and send Marshals to arrest Nadler, Pelosi and Schiff  on charges concocted by  Bill Barr, Doug Collins and Jim Jordan witnessed by the Rat Packs in the Republican Senate  what chance the democracy or any other entity  will have to get  the chance to  disprove anything?

He said today that he wanted election but what was the point in having one? “the postal vote is fraud, the result will be meaningless”

The pattern is unmistakable. This was what he said before the 2016 election. In the debate he said he would not accept the result unless he won. One has to analyze his mindset when he uttered those words.  Who would make such statement in that emphatic manner?  Someone who  had done the fraudulent deed  but would not a suspect if the foul play is exposed. He had already predicted the fraud  and easy for him to say “I told you so” (? A man of  Presidential material had the intellectual prowess to predict  what was to come). Hooray! So his imbecile followers will chant

This has been his theme throughout his entire life and the journalist and Bankers  fall for it. And his propaganda machinery  consists of the A,B, C lickers  bribed excessively with Putin’s money will go out all the way to put Trump in the helm. Trump accounted to Putin in  June 2019  that he paid $150 million to  the above Ratpack

You have discounted  George Conway,, Anderson Cooper  and  me at your own peril.  We are going to haunt you and your Republican Rightwing maggots until you are all brought to justice;  we don’t need Putin’s money for our cause.

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