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Trump died for  3 minutes

Exactly 1.22am on Sunday 4th October  2020 St Peters was woken up by a  very irrational banging  on his front door. St Peters rushed to the door  and opened it;   “oh it is you. You are not due here  yet Donald. Go back “and shut the door.

The  thudding continued.

“You are not due here yet Mr Trump. Your lies count should be 9.7 million,  you reached 5.6 million therefore  there is still a  long way to go and we will have to find  a separate Hell Cell for you  as none of your friends want you near them . Jeffrey, Adolph and about 300 000  Americans came during the last few months   are refusing to allow you near them.  They are even  prepared to  build a 100 metre high wall across their  section of the hell and wherever you are going  to be. Go back I am not ready for you.

Suddenly Trump started breathing  from his ICU bed in  Walter Reed military hospital creating a great sigh of relief from the army of surgeons standing around his bed. It was exactly  1.25am 4th October 2020.

So his life has been extended to  continue his mission of mendacity until the  final figure of 9.6 million lies  is reached.

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