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We oppose all right-wing  policies without exceptions as we strongly believe Right-Wing policies are  completely against the welfare of the working population .The Right-Wingers and their followers  believe and  propagate the idea that Working Population exists to serve the Right Wingers as slaves. It is in their distorted mind that  the virtue given to them by God. All that you have to look at the atrocities committed by the Right-Wingers  over the years by Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Margaret Thatcher, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump  to identify the rotten mindset of them . They are all dictators and  thugs who wanted to hold on to power  for their entire lives by whatever means. We fight them with tooth and nails. We will never compromise our principle. The major difference between Right-Wingers and the us the Socialists is they lie, cheat, distort truth, break laws and get sadistic pleasure of hurting those who do not agree with them without any shame or remorse  while the Socialists are God fearing, feel sense of shame for any wrong doing and  regret profusely if they ever lie or fail to help others. Greed is a birth rights for the Right-wing thugs who adopt policies of  ‘divide and conquer’ & bribery.

Unfortunately, they are wealthy, own the media and their supporters occupy key positions in the industries and  commerce as well occupying senior positions in Government Departments. Nepotism is endemic in their community while  depriving others of any benefits  are their cardinal rule.

Our  organization dedicated to expose International corruptions, Injustice on any grounds, Unfairness  and Exploitation of the Weak and Voiceless. Victims are requested to contact us  if  they seek remedy and restitution. Inspite of the fact that the Website was created to cater for the needs of the Tamil Community we have extended our services to victims from all communities. Although all our communications are conducted in Tamil and English only  at present , we are actively working to incorporate, French, Hindi and Sinhalese.  The next phase of our strategic plan is to recruit Reporters from wherever there is a substantial Tamil Population and once achieved communications may be conducted in  many languages. For example if the Reporter from Germany wishes to communicate with  us in German we will welcome that. We have in our group many with linguistic skills in Russian, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Latvian, Gujarati, Bengali, Malay  and American. Therefore we are not handicapped to restrict our services to people with unpopular languages.  Having said that we doubt if we can handle matter is Japanese, Chinese or Swahili at present or in the immediate future.

Since this site is of International Nature we invite anyone to submit his/her artistic creations such as Poetries, Short Stories, Photographs or  any experience of personal  injustice  on the ground of Race, Religion, Gender  or Physical attributes.

Remember,  we cater for free announcement of Births, deaths and lost and found  items.

Lincoln V Rasalingham



Enquiries Send to : admin@sangathi.co.uk