WW III is imminent. Trump will not rest until the third world war breaks out. He was born immediately after the end of the second world war and now he is is looking to ignite the WWIII as the only

Dangerous Twins

These two despicable creatures claim they are the chosen ones. Perhaps chosen by Vladimir Putin, among others, to destroy the World’s Democracy?


There is no guarantee that a new goverment will be able to resolve the Brexit issue. the best way, in my opinion, is to invite the following people to have a conference to  come up with a solution: David Cameron,


Whataboutism has taken over the  Rightwing News Media  in the Whites dominating countries following the aftermath of the Christchurch Massacre. They have been waiting for the massacre to bring out the incidents in Manchester, Paris, and all Islamic States  activities


BREXIT CHAOS. Theresa May had failed again to secure the necessary votes in the Parliament  to implement her plan to leave the European Union .  The catastrophic defeat was  inflicted upon the Government lead by Theresa May  by 391 to


        I have known Jeremy Corbyn for the last 50 years. He is the last person on Earth to have prejudice of any kind except perhaps he hates injustice  in any shape. He has always supported the