Trump Tower of Lies

A recent publication of a Book “Tower of lies” by Barbara A Res is a must read book that gives the real picture the Alternative reality that has been practiced by Right-wing Despot Leaders of the World now.

The man pushing to end democracy

Donald Trump and Chris Wallace: A spectacle meant to normalize the man pushing to end democracy Courtesy: July 22, 2020 By Chauncey Devega, Salon The boundary-breaking Nigerian author Chinua Achebe once observed: “When suffering knocks at your door and you say there is

Srimavo sent the troops to shoot the tamils participating in satiyagraham in 1958

Srimavo sent the troops to shoot the Tamils participating in Ghandi style satiyagraham in 1958 This poetry occupied the entire front page of Suthanthiran தாயென்று எண்ணி பாலென்று அளுதோம் தருவாயென்று தாயெனறால் தந்து குறை தீர்த்திருப்பாய் -ஆனால் நீ இரணியா அவதாரம் என்பதை நிரூபித்தாய் இரணுவக்

Rightwingers Philosophy

When accused…. Admit nothing Deny everything Launch counter attack Bribe opposing Rightwingers Issue physical threats and carry out executions Present day Practitioners: Donald Trump Benjamin Netanyahu Vladimir Putin Mohammad bin Salman Boris Johnson Bashar Hafez al-Assad Rodrigo Duterte Recep Tayyip