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Oriental Jokes

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  Mathematician : How do you write 4 in 5
Chinese: Is this a joke?
Japanese: Impossible
American: The question is wrong
The English: Not found on the Internet
Jaffna Man: F(IV)E
This is the reason you find Tamils  everywhere in the World in financé, business, medicine, Engineering etc. Anything to do with using the brain . Sorry, and in Petrol stations

English: Can you swim?

Srilankan: No

English: Then  a dog is better than you because a dog can swim

Srilankan: Can you swim?

English: Yes of course

Srilankan: Then what is the difference between you and a dog?

English: Why are you all Srilankans differ in colours? Look we are all White

Srilankan: Horses are different in colour but donkeys are all the same colour


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