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Modern Day Al Capone.

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Modern Day Al Capone.

An American Lawyer David Dorsen said in a TV interview at MSNBC that Trump will have to be charged  like Al Capone was charged in 1931. The prosecutors were unable to charge him on any of the multiple criminal activities as a Gang Leader but on tax evasion. Al Capone got 11 years  for tax evasion. Trump deserves much more than 11 years for his multi- million dollar tax evasion, if his criminal deeds  are difficult to prove.

It is not a secret that he has filled  the US Judiciary with his supporters. Even the Supreme Court is filled with his cronies like despicable Brett Kavanaugh therefore getting convictions for  him will be difficult. Historically there were a lot of dictators  in the world but hardly any escaped convictions at the end. Trump will rank high amongst all the Political villains.



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