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Unholy but Dangerous Alliance

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There is a stark  similarity between what Putin has been doing  and what Trump has done on the 6th January 21 and his relentless pursuit to get the lies stick.  Total disregard to Law and Order, Violation of International Protocols, Dictatorship mentality,  reliance on thugery,  believing in invincibility and both thugs have failed are all remarkably very similar in many ways.

Trump has Fox News to support his lies and Putin has RT to promote his lies.

I earnestly appeal to all the patriotic Americans and Russians to read  to fully understand the American Second  Amendment .  Once read and understood please abide by it. I think it is about time; don’t you? The two thugs should be put down or locked up,  never to see the light of day ever.

Unfortunately I am neither an American nor a  Russian. Even if I am  a patriot of any of these countries at the age of 83 I cannot carry out any job requiring physical strength;  sorry.

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