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Birds of the Same Feathers

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Donald Trump – survived  the Tsunami

Houdini – Well,   we all know about his survival skill

Boris Johnson – Is he going to survive the present  Twisters?

Do I detect a similarity among three men?

TrumpPig, Houdini & Boris Johnson

I hope not for the sake of Civility, Ethics & Morality  in public service however I have an uneasy feeling, he is going to survive

Main load bearers have all gone. Reynolds, Doyle, Mirza & Rosenfield

Director of communications Jack Doyle confirmed his exit shortly after the departure of policy head Munira Mirza.

They were followed by the chief of staff Dan Rosenfield and senior civil servant Martin Reynolds.

The top aides’ resignations come as Mr Johnson faces increasing questions over his leadership from within his party.

Mr Doyle told staff that “recent weeks have taken a terrible toll on my family life”, but that he had always intended to leave after two years.

A statement from a No 10 spokeswoman said Mr Rosenfield had offered his resignation to the prime minister earlier on Thursday, but would stay on while his successor was found.

And Mr Reynolds – the prime minister’s principal private secretary – will do the same, but then return to a role at the Foreign Office.

Nonetheless, he has the support of a few  who, however, appear to be like Weeping Willow Tree (Salix babylonica) : attractive with multiple complications.  These four will  NEVER show any dissent  to the White Boss, not because of loyalty but will never get the ministerial position under another Prime Minister

Nadim Zhawi, Priti Patel, Kwasi Kwarteng, Rishi Sunak

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