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Russian Threat of invading Ukraine

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NATO stands for No Action Talk Only.

When I heard the above interpretation in Kuala Lumpur on a visit in 2001, I thought it was joke.

This week I have been hearing every day from the media outlets of NATO member countries that if Putin invades Ukraine, the penalty will be severe. I find it difficult to comprehend this. I can see the disunity and  the disarray of the  NATO  Countries  who have been reading from different pages of randomly selected books that I can’t imagine  NATO will ever put together  a force to pose any threats to the well-planned and strategically positioned 130,000 professional Russian soldiers. Not too long ago the so called Strongest of the NATO member USA was forced to abandon their military effort to subdue a third-world spears and daggers military in Afghanistan. Not only USA did a cut and run manoeuvre but abandoned multi-million dollars worth of military equipment.

I think the West should focus and invest on things that they are good at. They are indeed good at Financial & Consultancy Services, based on lies, deceit, shenanigan and hoodwinking. They are also good at making Anti-personnel weapons manufacturing and pimping (like Matt Gaetz) for respectable Citizens like Epstein, Donny Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates and the like billionaires.

Putin is not a saint either; he is as bad a villain as the villains in the West  but he has a valid reason for strengthening his military as the rhetoric of the West  of   repeated ‘cry Wolfe’ of Russian Threat  will urge  any farmer to take precaution of protecting from wolves

Perhaps both sides should stop talking about ‘talking from a position of strength and start talking about position of Peace. Talking about dismantling their nuclear arsenal. Talking about building bridges instead of  inducing discourse. The Strongest take the initiative to talk to the weakest  for peace rather than  suppressing the weakest of any rights. What is stopping the Israelis offering olive branch to the Palestinians or the Sinhalese offering something to the Tamils in Srilanka.

The philosophy of Democracy is the rule by the citizens. The idea has been good. People elect a Government  whose only purpose is to work for the people. It has turned out to be the other way round. That is people work for the benefit of the Government. The responsibility of the Members of the Government has turned out to be to focus on clinging on to power  at any cost. Screw the people as much as they can. Build up wealth for a few at the expense of creating poverty, starvation and deprivation  for all citizens.

Superman, Batman, Ironman, Actionman  or even Allah, Budha, Jehova, Shiva or Krishna  are not going to appear to control the excesses of the present day Governments that are undoubtedly owned and contaminated by professional  thugs and bandits who have invested heavily in artificial means of controlling the minds of people and population reduction. When I heard someone had obtained approval for ‘gene  editing technology’ some dangerous alarm bell had started ringing in my ears. Having been trained as a machine code computer programmer I realised the world was about to head for disaster leading total annihilation of the human race. Genes are the building blocks of any human being and all living objects. The distinction among  a human genes and other living things are limited and easily identifiable. A minor alteration to the gene can  produce a creature of any unpredictable type. Nano technology is essential for  Gene editing. The Nano particles used  are  addressable remotely. This means once the particle has been planted  in a human being that person can be controlled remotely. The neuron that determines rationality and irrationality or Rights and Wrongs can be changed or reversed remotely. It is also possible to change  the character and nature of an individual by  careful gene editing. Any access to the technology in the hands of people like Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch,  Boris Johnson, Benjamin Netanyahu, Nigel Faraj, Vladimir Putin  or any of the many Dictators around the World can change the World to complete Junk  & Zombie Yard. The technology is commendable that   the intention of which was to cure cancer, rectify birth defect etc.. like the Internet technology. The idea was honourable but the abuse has surpassed any benefits. Computer technology was admirable but in the hands of people like Bill Gates can produce adverse results. No one was more subdued by the advancement of computer technology than Windows of Microsoft and Bill Gates who obtained a patent for Corona Virus in 2005.  You make up your mind about who the culprit responsible for the Covid Pandemic.

A plan was concluded in 2011 to implement within 10 years from 2011 till 2030. The plan was (1)to reduce World population to within 4 billion(2) One Government , one currency & one Military (3)No private property ownership (4) White is the privileged Race.

Multi-national corporations are actively promoting the use of Robots as the workforce. This means there is no need to have workers. This reminds me of an example that I witnessed in 1975. I employed a building contractor to construct a commercial building in Jaffna. He employed about 10 people, consisted  of men and women to  dig the foundation. The contractor was drunk and eyes were completely blood-shot red resting on a wooden bench. I asked him why he did not buy a small hydraulic digger that was not expensive. His answer without any hesitation was “what do you want me to do with these people” meaning those digging the foundation. The man was uneducated but his consideration for the people was far too superior to any of the pompous and articulate politicians I have seen in the ‘civilised’ countries.

The West is contaminated with incurable diseases like Racism, White Supremacy, Same Sex marriage, undermining of education, promiscuity, Pregnancy by artificial insemination, children brought up by single mother or by nurseries like chicken farm,  Selfishness, unbridled greed, sadistic pleasure of cruelty to fellow human beings etc. A black football player was punished mercilessly by the the British recently for kicking a cat while  hundreds of children were unaccounted for during Donald Trump reign in America where he  bragged enjoying Burgers made of young human flesh! These are the traits for accelerated  decline of civilisation. Things that were historically considered respectable and humane  have been reclassified as weakness; those who help others in need are  despicably classified as ‘suckers’ and  those with bad behaviour and character that were considered shameful and inhumane have become respectable and acceptable qualifications;  stealing money from employer or from anyone else or defrauding a bank without getting caught is considered respectable and admirable. Law-breakers who escaped punishment have become heroes and heroines. Exposing your private parts in gutter press like The Sun will earn the girls the enviable celebrity status with the potential to earning millions! There are no such things as honest politicians who have become extinct. A classical example was  the only honest and dedicated politician  Jeremy Corbyn who I have knowledge of  was unceremoniously dumped by the wayside by the British people

That is the sickening status quo in the West!

You do whatever you like but  I am going to Delft, my birth  place to spend the rest of   my life in the uncomplicated serene environment. I will be leaving behind 5 children and 9 Grand children in the West to witness my predictions. Sorry.

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