Why denial of access to guns is so vital to prevent  frequent killings.

I did take some training in the use of pistols, Rifles and shot guns when I was a teenager but I never had to use against humans  and nor ever  owned one.

When I was 38 years old married with three children aged 10, 7 and 5 I faced a disastrous situation. If I had a gun at that time or even after a few days  I would have committed at least two killings.  The situation was, when I returned home after a short business trip abroad my wife of ten years was in bed with one of my employees!

I later learned that the two  culprits along with two other company directors conspired to take over my business  while I was away. The thing was I was holding 90% shares of my business  and the remaining 10% was held by my culprit wife. If I had a gun or access to a gun  at least the four of them along with the Barclays Bank Manager who had aided the conspiracy would have been my targets. I paid £700  to a friend of a friend of a friend who had contact with IRA to get me a pistol.  Two weeks later he returned my money with apology.

I couldn’t get one, however about one year later, another friend of mine gave me a double barrel shot gun but the heat of my anger had receded and I could not bring myself to stoop to the level of becoming a murderer or criminal; I couldn’t bear the thought of my three children branded as the children of an ex-convict.

I don’t expect everyone should be like me but the American Gun Lovers should consider seriously to adopt life without owning guns.

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